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"We still don't see men of different shapes and sizes, men who have stretch marks, rolls, or love handles on billboards or in fashion ads. And I think it's time to change that."


"My goal is to redefine what it means for men to feel beautiful. I want to show that men who look like me can learn to love ourselves even if we don't look like conventional representations of men."


"I love that I can create the type of representation that I craved growing up. I love that I am able to tell people that it’s okay to have different types of bodies. I love that I show that you can be confident and comfortable and have stretch marks and love handles all while having your shirt off."


"Mina is breaking down the toxic narratives in the media and pop culture that dictate what men’s bodies should look like."


"Egyptian-Canadian luminary Mina Gerges is one of those few taking on male body issues, LGBTQ awareness and mental health with style, humour and poise."


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